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Pitch deck, business plan, financial model for Strength Lab NYC


We worked with a New York City-based startup looking to open a new kind of training facility catering to the emerging wave of post-CrossFit gym goers. The challenge was to communicate the vision to potential investors who may not understand the nuances of this opportunity within the vast and often repetitive landscape that makes up the fitness industry. Using the branding that we developed in a previous stage, we incorporated fine-tuned copywriting, to-the-point custom illustration, engaging photography by Coty Tarr, a financial model and project timeline that together project a strong, viable image of the business. 

Winter 2016

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P&L Media was founded in 2011 by Lauren and Paley Dreier.

Lauren is an designer and artist with a background in architecture, and technology.

Paley specializes in business development and brand strategy. He currently works with Type Network.


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