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Website and user interface design for AlwaysOn


Tony Perkins of AlwaysOn, a Silicon Valley-based news and event company, was rebranding and relaunching their website with a social networking twist. World-famous designer Roger Black tapped Lauren to build out the design. Tony imagined a tray of icons down the left side of the new website that would provide navigation across the main areas of the site. We hired Cyrus Highsmith to draw some playful icons that would, in tandem with the new fonts, become the identity of the new brand. Lauren eventually took the helm as lead production designer until AlwaysOn successfully launched their MVP in late January of 2014.


Other projects


P&L Media was founded in 2011 by Lauren and Paley Dreier.

Lauren is an designer and artist with a background in architecture, and technology.

Paley specializes in business development and brand strategy. He currently works with Type Network.


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